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Firm Profile

Kolb Architects P.C. is a Princeton based planning, architecture and interior design firm. Since 1983 Kolb Architects has gained extensive experience in hospitality/restaurant, retail/showroom and institutional projects. Their design work has been in areas as varied as residential work, corporate offices, university facilities and UN missions. Kolb Architects has maintained a diverse set of skills and offers services in addition to the aforementioned including: product design, graphic design, property management, real-estate assessments, feasibility studies, consulting work related to code and zoning concerns.

From the outset of the design process, Kolb Architects emphasizes a working relationship with the client that carefully considers the clients’ schedule and budget. Kolb Architects is focused on delivering the highest standard of design every time, and to that end each project is overseen by at least one of Kolb Architects' partners. Design direction is developed out of the needs and preferences of the client and satisfied by a sensitivity to stylistic concern that draws on Kolb Architects' experience designs that range from traditional to modern.

As often as possible, Kolb Architects emphasizes energy efficient and environmentally sustainable applications of materials and systems, and Michele is LEED certified. Kolb Architects is particularly interested in sustainable historic conservation, and has completed projects that achieve certifications in both areas. In this pursuit, Kolb Architects often explores new and emerging materials to meet the unique challenges of each project.

Kolb Architects provides services from locations in Princeton NJ and Nantucket MA and has also completed projects abroad. In every case Kolb Architects P.C. is committed to providing services that exceed the clients’ needs by drawing on over 30 years of design experience.